Lost Serenade

月光 • gekkou
by Masato Ozawa
2016 • 111 min • OmeU • Magnetize Inc.

with Nori Satō, Uwa Ishibashi, Kentarō Furuyama

Kaori, a young piano teacher, gets mugged and raped by the father of her pupil Yuu. An old trauma is triggered because her father had abused her when she was a child. Yuu, who is her pupil, is also being sexually abused by her father. Insecure and lonely, Yuu and Kaori find support in each other until the day Kaori has to make a decision.

Text: Katja Welser

► Metropolis Kino • Sonntag, 4.6.2017 • 16:15 Uhr


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