The Shortage of Sayonara


Sayonara wa kikitarinai

Arthouse International PremiereWorld PremiereEurope Premiere
木島 悠翔
20 分

The young couple has been together for a year. The young woman is so beautiful in pictures of Utamaro. And although she dates other men, she remains faithful to him after her term while he tries to deal with his jealousy. But more and more questions arise. What about sex? As the woman, does she have to submit to the man? How does it feel for him? What kind of relationship is it anyway? Is it friendship plus or real love? Both try to communicate with the other, to understand him and yet remain true to themselves.

言語 & 字幕
  • 字幕 English
  • 言語 Japanese
  • 翻訳 Original with subtitles
  • 推奨年齢 n/a (18+)
  • 配給 Yūto Kishima



The Shortage of Sayonara は 22. JFFH 2021 で上映されます.

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