Children of God - Shinji And Rinka -


Kami no ko ~ Shinji to Rinka

Naginata International PremiereGerman Premiere
Kashima Kazuaki
19 min

Shinji and his daughter Shizuku are attacked. The crazy yakuza Jizo takes Shizuku hostage and forces her father to demand 100 million yen back from the thief Rinka. Desperate, Shinji sets off, but he is not the only one hot on Rinka's heels.

Language details
  • Subtitle English
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
More details
  • Rated not yet rated
  • Distributor Cuarteto Imaginario inc.

Making of


Making of

In his short genre feature, director Kazuaki Kashima follows the rules of the modern yakuza film. Weird characters, crazy twists and spikes of violence. One can forgive the fact that the logic is perhaps a little strained.

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Children of God - Shinji And Rinka - wurde auf dem 22. JFFH 2021 gezeigt.

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