Descent to the Nether World



Naginata International Premiere
Ryō Matsumoto
81 min
Kotomi suspects her boyfriend Kenta, employed by a top company, of infidelity. One day she pursues Kenta, who has left the apartment after an ominous phone call, and meets the seductively beautiful Koharu, with whom Kenta embraces with his upper body exposed. With an ice pick in hand, Kotomi pounces on the two.... Meanwhile, Takuya gets his friend Reiji a job as a tutor. Although Reiji didn't make it to university himself, he accepts the job when he learns that the student is the picture-perfect Shizuko Kusakabe. When he visits the lonely solitary house for initial talks, he is met by the Kusakabe family, who seem so not normal...Tae and Teppei, editors of an occult magazine, visit the famous psychic Arisa Himuro. According to the two, they suspect that the Kusakabes are the cause of the recent cases of people disappearing without a trace, and they ask Arisa to help them find out. What is behind the horror, which falls on the three when seeking out the Kusakabes...?
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  • Subtitle English
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
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  • Rated not yet rated
  • Distributor
  • Actor
    Yumeko Mizuki, Arisa Mihama, Ryō Oguri, Emika Kamieda, Kōsuke Kaide

Making of


Making of

Director Matsumoto, born in 1978, comes from Osaka and studied law at the Doshisha University. He has directed numerous TV commercials, web films, DVDs and television productions. His horror films are known for their characteristic world view and equally characteristic plot structure. With over 60 DVD productions, he occupies a significant role in the B-horror segment.

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