Tide from flower


Shio no hana

32 min
A story of a moment when Sukika, who was born and raised on the beach, is helplessly attracted to a free-spirited Irene from a foreign country.
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  • Distributor Shonan citizen media network

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Making of

Eringipu is a directing collective consisting of Takano *Alaina*, *Rei* and *Nakano Kota*. *Takano Alaina* is also responsible for the script and the lead role. She recorded Rei's film "The Forest Stops Singing" and starred in Kota Nakano's film "Retake". *Rei* is the singer of the band Cho-Kyu-Mei. She produced the opening for the TV drama "Ase to Soap" and the music videos for her band's songs, among others. She directed the film 'The Forest Stops Singing'. Rei is responsible for editing this film. *Kota Nakano* graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a major in film. She produced several short and feature films that were nominated by local festivals. She is involved in organizing and conducting some film festivals and is involved in the production of Cho-Kyu-Mei's music videos. In addition, she engaged in teaching media performance at Kanagawa Prefecture at Yokohama Aoba Campus. Kota Nakano is involved in the 2022 production 'Retake' (119 minutes; director).

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Tide from flower wurde auf dem 24. JFFH 2023 gezeigt.

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