Hana & Ice


Hana to Aisu

Rakugo International PremiereEurope PremiereGerman Premiere
Misaki Izumiya
20 min
Hana, a transfer high school student from Tokyo, felt not to fit in her new classmates. Every after school, she danced ballet by herself at the empty classroom to distract her loneliness. Coincidentally, a boy saw her dancing and got close to her. Gradually, she has accepting and been accepted by people around.
Language details
  • Subtitle English
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
More details
  • Rated not yet rated
  • Distributor Misaki Izumiya
  • Actor
    Kino Iwata , Nozomi Takano, Misaki Izumiya

Making of


Making of

Misaki Izumiya was born 2001, in Tokyo, Japan. She makes films while studying International relationships at Sophia University, Faculty of Global Studies. This is the first film she directed. One of her favorite filmmakers is Shunji Iwai, and this film was inspired by his work, "Hana & Alice" (2004).

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