Arthouse International PremiereWorld Premiere
Yūta Uchida
33 min
This story is about a troupe member. One of the promising young actors is Ryo. Ryo belongs to the troupe An"Apollon", which is about to perform an important performance in a month. However, on the first day of the practice, Ryo goes missing and they have a bad feeling about this. An"Apollon" of chairperson Shun Sawamura was desperately searching for Ryo in order to make the performance a success. But the suddenly, a member of the troupe Minoru, tells Sawamura that he will quit at the next performance. Will the troubled troupe members perform successfully.. Passing and intersecting thoughts they are passing and intersecting thoughts. Cruel Story of Youth.
Language details
  • Subtitle English
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
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  • Rated not yet rated
  • Distributor YUTA UCHIDA
  • Actor
    Masamichi Satonaka, Yūta Inoue, Yūta Gōda, Sōichiro Shimura, Nami Akiba, Yuma Sakuraba, Yūki Tokiwa, Yōhei Hamamoto

Making of


Making of

Profile Yuta Uchida. Actor, Model and Director. The “Hyacinth” is the first directorial film. BD:January 8th 1991. Born in Hiroshima. Special skills:Swimming. Third in the Inter College Swimming Championships. Debut: 2015. While appearing in dramas, stages, and movies, also appeared in many commercials. Major Appearances: As Taiga drama "IDATEN"Masaji Kiyokawa role, "SEITEN WO TSUKE"Feudal retainer of Okayama Domain role, TVCM "Domino Pizza", "AOKI Pajamas Suit", WebCM "NISSAN× Columbia",,,and more.

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