Reason to Oblivion


Bōkyaku no riyū

Naginata International PremiereEurope Premiere
Yū Miyahara
27 min
The woman run away from the big man in the lignosa. But she was caught by him and woke up in “There” . In “There” livestock human are kept to be preyed on by the big man and his mother. After that him forced she to feed with human flesh...
Language details
  • Subtitle English
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
More details
  • Rated not yet rated
  • Distributor Yū Miyahara
  • Actor
    Kanami Ōkuma, Kōhei Mashiba, Hiroto Chō

Making of


Making of

Born in 1994 After working in the news department of a television station, he worked as a freelance film director. Currently working on animated films alongside live-action films.

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