Father and Son


Boke to tsukkomi

Arthouse International Premiere
55 分

The unemployed farmer's son Kazuki still lives with his parents and dreams of a career as a stand-up comedian. But his father Yōji just makes fun of him and demands that he finally grow up. This all changes when Yōji suddenly suffers a stroke that turns him into a nursing case in need of care day in and day out. Kazuki faces a difficult decision. Should he finally bury his dream in order to be able to care for his sick father? Kazuki has a crazy idea. What if father and son perform together as a comedy duo?

言語 & 字幕
  • 字幕 English
  • 言語 Japanese
  • 翻訳 Original with subtitles
  • 推奨年齢 18+
  • 配給 Yūichirō Fujishiro



With "Father and Son" director Yūichiro Fujishiro succeeds in a rare stroke of luck for cinema. He sensitively weaves two seemingly incompatible genres together in one film. "Father and Son" works equally well as a soulful generation drama and as a bittersweet comedy. One thing that should certainly not be underestimated is the great chemistry between the two leading actors. Conclusion: Worth seeing! Supported by Tokyo Kanda Fantastic Filmfest.



Father and Son は 21. JFFH 2020 で上映されます.

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