God, Protect My Railroad. ~ Legend of Miki's Red Dragon ~


Kami-sama, watashi no tetsudō wo mamotte. ~ Miki no kōryū densetsu

Rakugo International PremiereWorld Premiere
Konishi Isao
90 min

Miki, a peaceful town in Hyōgo Prefecture. Known for its ironware, a ritual has been performed at the local Ryūjin shrine for 90 years to wish for good luck and protection. This was also done for the local railway line.


Mikina, the daughter of the shrine priest, has dreamed of becoming a train driver since childhood. But when the station is completely destroyed in a fire, the future for the little-used railway in the region is on the line.

Language details
  • Subtitle English
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
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  • Rated not yet rated
  • Distributor Isao Konishi

Making of


Making of

"God Protect My Railroad" is based on a current topic. In 2018, a fire had actually taken place at Miki station near Kobe. Director Konishi, who grew up in the region and has been fascinated by the railway ever since, took this initial situation and the discussion about the value of reconstruction in a sparsely populated region as an opportunity to show the possible consequences.

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God, Protect My Railroad. ~ Legend of Miki's Red Dragon ~ wurde auf dem 22. JFFH 2021 gezeigt.

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