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Kitamura Kazuki
11 min

A pandemic is sweeping the world. The government urges the population to stay at home and holds out the prospect of aid payments. The political and economic challenges are enormous. But what does the pandemic do to people? What strains does it exert on the cohesion of society? Two men bury the body of a woman who died of the highly contagious disease in the forest. Reaching the limit of their psychological endurance, the hatred within them rises to the surface. In the face of the pandemic, will people come closer together or end up tearing each other apart?

Language details
  • Subtitle German
  • Language Japanese
  • Localization Original with subtitles
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  • Rated PG18
  • Distributor Kazuki Kitamura

Making of


Making of

How the Corona pandemic can be processed through the medium of film is only gradually being explored in contemporary works. Indie productions and short films are, as so often, the forerunners. For example, the short film Hate by young director Kitamura Kazuki, already shot in the first half of 2020, is an example of one of the early looks at the pandemic and its impact on society. Kitamura is also already working on his first feature-length film, titled Anata ga sodatsu made ("Until You Grow Up"), which is expected to be released later this year.

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Hate wurde auf dem 22. JFFH 2021 gezeigt.

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