Yokai Girl Kirin

人間妖怪 鬼鈴

Ningen yōkai kirin

Naginata International Premiere
ウンノ ヨウジ
78 分

Basically, most Yōkai are peace-loving, harmless demons who rarely interfere with the human world, but do serve them well from time to time. OniKiri, however, are the fiends among the Yōkai, and they are currently wreaking havoc in Japan by plaguing the common people. Fortunately, Kiri, a horned Yōkai in human form, roams the countryside with her faithful Kasa-obake - a chatty umbrella with one eye - and catches the scent of the malevolent creatures. For to her, there is nothing more delicious than the lumpy essence of the oni.

言語 & 字幕
  • 字幕 English
  • 言語 Japanese
  • 翻訳 Original with subtitles
  • 推奨年齢 n/a (18+)
  • 配給 Yōji Unno



Those familiar with the 1960s film trilogy Yokai Monsters have a rough idea of the strange world in which Yokai Girl Kririn takes place. Creepiness, sincere drama, innocent fantasy, spikes of violence and light-heartedness unabashedly shake hands, and even the COVID-19 pandemic has its place. The result is a whimsical, episodic fantasy film that is close to the pulse of Japanese mythology and at the same time comes across as wonderfully fresh. By the way, the multi-talented Artegg-yumi is responsible for the - there's no other way to put it - pretty cool background music.



Yokai Girl Kirin は 22. JFFH 2021 で上映されます.

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